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  • September, 2018

    Posted 11/30/18

    Upcoming Deadlines 28 October: Deadline for students to sign into the Outstanding Student Paper Awardportal to confirm participation in the program 7 November: Deadline for discounted rates for Fall Meeting Registration 14 November: AGU Fall Meeting Housing deadline. Book soon! Congratulations to the 2018 AGU Union Honorees from the Seismology Community   Yoshio Fukao: Inge Lehmann Medal Giuliano Panza: International […]

  • February, 2018


    2017 OSPA Winners Congratulations to Seismology section winners of the 2017 Fall Meeting Outstanding Student Paper Award (OSPA)! Many thanks to all the section members who judged student presentations and to Eliza Richardson, the section secretary, and Margaret Boettcher for coordinating the judging. This year’s winners are Dubois Alizée, École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay Tim Clements, Harvard University […]

  • November, 2017

    Posted 12/08/17

    AGU Seismology Section News—November 2017 AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans  The AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans will soon be upon us. A big thanks to Linda Warren (Saint Louis University) and Dylan Mikesell (Boise State University) for the important part they have played as Fall Meeting coordinators for the Seismology section. Please note several seismology section events at the meeting: Joint Seismology/Tectonophysics […]

  • September, 2017

    Posted 09/25/17

    AGU Seismology Section News (September 2017)   1. Congratulations to the 2017 AGU medalists and honorees from the Seismology community:             Don Forsyth, Maurice Ewing Medal           Tom Jordan, William Bowie Medal           Brian Kennett, Inge Lehmann Medal           Robert Wesson, Edward A. Flinn III Award           Lucia Gualtieri, Keiiti Aki Young Scientist Award           David […]

  • February, 2017

    Posted 02/20/17

    AGU Seismology Section News 1. 2016 Outstanding Student Paper Award Winners Congratulations to the winners of Outstanding Student Paper Awards (OSPA) from the 2016 Fall Meeting! This year’s winners from the Seismology section are: Michael Afanasiev (ETH Zurich) Yaochieh Chen (National Taiwan Normal University) Wenyuan Fan (University of California, San Diego) Dara Goldberg (University of […]

  • December, 2016

    Posted 12/04/16

    Dear Colleagues, The AGU Fall Meeting is fast approaching. Please join us in thanking Dylan Mikesell (Boise State) and Colleen Dalton (Brown University) for the critical role they played as AGU Fall Meeting Coordinators for the Seismology Section. They worked hard behind the scenes to make this a successful meeting. Updates: (1) Seismology Section Election […]

  • February, 2016

    Posted 03/12/16

    Dear Colleagues, (1) 2015 Outstanding Student Presentation Award Winners Congratulations to the winners of Outstanding Student Presentation Awards from the 2015 Fall Meeting! This year’s winners from the Seismology Section are: Karianne Bergen (Stanford University), Daniel Bowman (University of North Carolina), Laurence Cowton (University of Cambridge), Andreas Mavrommatis (Stanford University), Pamela Moyer (University of New […]

  • December, 2015

    Posted 12/02/15

    AGU Seismology Section News (December, 2015) In this newsletter: AGU Fall Meeting events Call for OSPA volunteers 1) AGU Fall Meeting events. With the AGU Fall Meeting just ahead, we would like to draw your attention to seismology-related events at the meeting: Tues. Dec. 15, 1:40 pm: Presentation of the 2015 Keiiti Aki Young Scientist […]

  • November, 2014

    Posted 11/22/14

    AGU Seismology Section News (November 2014)   In this newsletter: AGU Fall Meeting events 2015-2016 Seismology Section Officers Seismology Section Student Representative   1) AGU Fall Meeting events With the AGU Fall Meeting just ahead, we would like to draw your attention to a number of seismology-related meeting events: Tues. Dec. 16, 4 pm: Presentation […]

  • August, 2014

    Posted 08/21/14

    AGU Seismology Section News (August 2014) 1) Congratulations to the 2014 class of AGU Fellows! 2014 Fellows who are affiliated with the Seismology Section include Jean-Philippe Avouac, Susan Beck, Gary Egbert, Jeffrey Freymueller, Shuichi Kodaira, Chris Marone, James Mori, and Anne Sheehan.  We look forward to celebrating with them at the Seismology/Tectonophysics Reception and the […]

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