Joint SEG/AGU Summer Research Workshop

Joint SEG/AGU Summer Research Workshop

21-24 July 2014 • Vancouver, Canada

Workshop on Advances in Active+Passive “Full Wavefield” Seismic Imaging: From Reservoirs to Plate Tectonics

Abstract submission deadline: 1 May 2014

Advance registration deadline: 20 June 2014

Rapid developments are occurring in advanced seismic imaging and inversion research, using “full wavefield” approaches, and very large broadband sensor arrays. These advances are happening at detailed reservoir scales (hydrocarbons, geothermal, groundwater, CO2 sequestration…), up to much larger earthquake seismology and global plate tectonics scales. The purpose of this joint SEG-AGU summer research workshop is to bring together leading scientists in full wavefield seismic imaging/inversion research from across a broad spectrum to share their knowledge and challenges, compare notes and find synergies that may lead to new collaborations and breakthroughs in imaging the Earth. Workshop topics include:

• Large N, broadband, sensor arrays for both active source and passive seismic recording
• Reverse-time / adjoint state imaging techniques and velocity analysis (RTM, MVA).
• Full wavefield inversion (FWI) and velocity model estimation techniques
• Wavefield coda, interferometry, and ambient noise imaging
• Time-lapse monitoring, imaging and inversion using full wavefield techniques
• Source mechanism estimation and inversion
• Wave-equation detection and imaging of ultra weak microseismic energy (eg. M < 0).
• Plus many other wavefield imaging/inversion topics of interest

For more information, please see the call for contributions at: